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Fun Things To Do When Bored
Fun Things To Do When Bored

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Fun Things To Do When Bored

Are you bored or looking for fun things to do but don’t know what? You are at the right place! Your problems are solved! We’ve got lots of ideas to cure your boredom or help you figure out something fun to do for a future day. Towards the bottom is also some ideas of tasks that you could do to be productive as well.

In today’s busy life, we’ve forgotten all the fun things we can do. We’ve forgotten all the games and places we can enjoy.  It’s time to change that! We compiled a list of fun things you can do. The list is composed to be appropriate for all ages so take a look! You will not regret it!

Also, are you going on a date but feel nervous because you don’t know any cool places to go and fun things to do on a date? Problem solved again! On your left side, there are more specific pages for dates, fun things for free, fun things to do in the summer, the winter, and many others!

Our site will provide you with lots of ideas! Did we forget something to put in a list? No problem! You can contact us and we will be really grateful for your idea!

We hope that you will find something for yourself in our long list and have a really good time! Don’t forget to bookmark this site so you can return to find fun things to do when bored or need another idea! Tell your friends about us and have fun together!

Fun things to do when bored!

Watch a movie.

Ride a bike.

Go hiking.

Go fishing.

Play basketball.

Play Golf.

Play a game of football with friends.

Play volleyball.

Go bowling.

Go on a cruise to somewhere warm and tropical.

Fly somewhere fun.

Go for a drive in the mountains, or anywhere that you would like to be.

A really fun thing to do would be to go to Disneyland or Disneyworld.

Visit a theme park.

Ride a roller coaster.

Go for an evening walk.

Go to a movie and eat a bunch of junk food.

Play Mario or your favorite game.

Play a board game.

Go shoot a gun.

Fly a kite.

Plant some plants.

Play tag or hide and go seek.

Have a picnic with friends or family.

Have a BBQ.

Go shopping and buy some new clothes.

Make dinner with a friend or family member.

Go to a restaurant with some close friends.

Eat a giant bowl of ice cream.

Have a water fight.

Go to a water park.

Go swimming.

Go to a lake and soak up some sun.

Dye your hair.

Paint your fingernails and toenails.

Do a puzzle.

Play in the mud.

Go to a zoo.

Bake some cookies.

Read a good book.

Do some service for someone.

Watch the stars.

Look for cool rocks.

Paint a picture.

Start a scrap book.

Play badminton.

Roast marshmallows by a fire and to make it even better make smores. - To make a smore roast a marshmallow over a fire till golden brown, place the roasted mallow and a piece of chocolate bar between two pieces of graham cracker. Then munch it on down!

Make a milk shake.

Go camping with friends or family.

Cook tinfoil dinners over a campfire. - To make a tinfoil dinner, wrap whatever type of meat and or veggies in aluminum foil that you would like. Season to your taste and place the wraped food on some coals from the fire. After awhile flip the dinner over to cook both sides. You might need to remove the dinners and partially unwrap them to see if they are done. If not place them back on the coals. Use tongs and leather gloves to remove them from the coals. Be careful when handling them, they are hot. This is one of my favorite fun things to do. Enjoy!

Get a dog or cat or any pet of your choice.

Workout – Some people like working out, but some people hate it.

Rock climbing with a friend, indoor or out door.

Buy some new shoes.

Rearrange your bedroom.

Do some crafts, such as spray paint a pot or jar.

Go get an ice cream cone with a friend.

Rearrange your furniture.

Buy new decorations for your house.

Make brownies.

Go snow sledding.

Go ice blocking - Buy some blocks of ice at a gas station or grocery store. Go to a grassy hill. Place a folded towel on top of the ice block, sit on it and ride it down the grassy hill. Kind of like snow sledding but on grass in the summer.

What to do when bored chores or tasks.

Do some service for someone.

Workout – Some people like working out, but some people hate it.

Plant some plants.

Start a scrap book.

Rearrange your bedroom.

Do some crafts, such as spray paint a pot or jar to put something in.

Mow the lawn.

Rake leaves of the lawn.

Clean out the rain gutters.

Clean the house or a room.

Paint the walls in the house to a different color.

Rearrange the furniture in your house or a room.

Clean out the refrigerator.

Clean out and organize all your drawers.

Go through all your clothes and take the clothes you don’t wear anymore to a thrift store or donate them anywhere you would like.

Wash the windows on your house.

Wash and clean your car inside and out.

Check the mail.

Clean and organize your garage.

Build a planting box.

Spray off your concrete, driveway, walkway, patio, etc.

Make a budget so you can save some money.

Take cookies to a neighbor.

Groom your dog.

Help a neighbor with some landscaping or do it for them.

If you have good ideas of fun things to do and/or funny jokes that aren’t found on the site then please email us and tell us what they are. Your ideas will be reviewed and possibly added to the site. Please only email clean ideas and jokes that are appropriate for all ages.

Now go have fun!



Fun Things To Do When Bored

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